Our Menu

“The allure of nostalgia, the power of history, the dynamics of evolution …”

Winter Menu

Warm AppetizersPortion / small

Dolmathes9,60 / 5,80
(stuffed vine leaves with home ground meat, rice and herbs)

Country sausage7,60 / 4,60
(served with grilled sweet peppers and tomato)

Beef tongue7,60 / 4,60
(in its juice with olive oil and lemon served with capper budds)

Fava (split pea puree)5,60 / 3,40
(coated with glazed onions and capper buds)

Thrapsalo (Baby kalamari)9,90 / 6,00
(deep fried)

Htapodi (Octopus)11,00 / 6,60
(grilled ,with balsamic cream, served with lentil salad)

French fried potatoes3,40 / 2,10

Cold AppetizersPortion / small

Kalokairini6,00 / 3,60
(fried eggplants and peppers served with yoghurt, garlic and tomato sauce)

Athinaiki10,80 / 6,50
(shredded grouper with mayonaisse and capper budds)

Sea bass fillet10,00 / 6,00
(soaked in lemon and salt ,served with baby roquette)

Tyrokafteri spread4,70 / 2,90
(crushed feta cheese and hot pepper mix)

Fresh Mushrooms7,10 / 4,30
(marinated in virgin olive oil and lemon, with parsley, garlic and sweet red peppers)

Melitzanosalata (Eggplant salad)5,50/ 3,30
(smoked and dressed with garlic and vinegar)

Tzatziki 4,00/ 2,40
(yoghurt spread with grated cucumber and garlic)

Triloyia (Trilogy)6,60 / 4,00
(an assortment of eggplant, beetroot and hot feta cheese spreads)

SaladsPortion / small

Green salad7,50 / 4,50
(lola, baby roquette, homemade croutons and parmesan flakes)
Combined with grilled chicken fillet3,00

Politiki5,90 / 3,60
(white and red cabbage with celery, garlic and vinegar)

Horiatiki (Classic Greek salad)9,00 / 5,40
(with home made croutons and mint leaves)

Assorted vegetables9,00 / 5,40
(broccolli,zucchinni ,greens of the season and potato salad)

(Ask us for the dishes of the day)Portion / small

Yemista7,50 / 4,50
(tomatoes and green peppers stuffed with rice and spice flavouring)

Cabbage and rice casserole6,50 / 3,90
(cooked with fresh tomatoes and hot peppers)

Briam7,50 / 4,50
(zucchini and potatoes baked in the oven with onions and fresh tomatoes)

Cauliflower casserole6,50 / 3,90
(stewed with fresh tomatoes, onions and carrots)

Celeriac casserole a la Polita6,50 / 3,90
(cooked with potatoes, onions and carrots)

(thin slices of beef cooked in white wine sauce, with parsley and garlic, served with mashed potatoes)

Hunkiar Beyendi13,00
(beef in read sauce, cooked with small pieces of gruyere cheese
served with smoked eggplant puree)

Chicken - feta cheese10,00
(small chicken fillets cooked with feta cheese, tomatoes, onions and sweet peppers, served with French fries)

Kalamari risotto14,00
(grilled kalamari served with shrimp risoto)

(shrimp out of the shell.stewed with orzo, zuchini ,carott and fenel)

Beef meat patty12,00
(home ground meat served with french fries)

(veal liver, wrapped in lamb suet membrane, marinated in garlic and spices, served with French fries)

Pork – steak10,50
( marinated and off the bone from the side of the front ribs, served with French fries)

Chicken skewer10,00
(grilled ,served with French fries and grilled non-root vegetables)

CheesesPortion / small

Assorted cheeses7,50 / 4,50
(gruyere, metsovone, parmesan served with homemade marmelade)

Feta cheese3,50


“Traditional Greek cuisine crafted with craftsmanship. Here you will find the most delicious homemade cooking city”


Monday – Saturday13 00-24 00
Sunday 13 00-17 00

Delivery Times

Monday – Saturday 13-17 & 20-24
Sunday 13 00 -17 00


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